How to Buy and Sell Stocks: A Beginner's Guide to Invest in the Stock Market --

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Take the fear out of investing and dive right in with me by your side to assist you. After today, you’ll be able to:

Define Key Terms 

Choose An Online Brokerage Account

Understand How To Purchase A Stock

Know How To Sell A Stock

Understand When To Purchase A Stock

Here's what session attendees have to say...

Alicia, this workshop was absolutely amazing! I learned so much valuable information that will help me begin my financial journey! 110% recommend it! - Kyra

The session I had with Alicia was amazing. Before taking the session, I always wanted to know about investing and stocks, but I was too afraid that I would waste my time and money in the process. She explained everything to me in a way that I could very easily understand and didn't mind doing extra examples to make sure I really got it the first time. I am so much more confident now and have already seen some income from following her strategy. I will be booking my next session very soon to learn about the options part.  - Cameron

Omg, thank you so much. The process overall was amazing. You broke every detail down in order for me to understand. As of today, I am more comfortable gambling with stocks now than before because of what you've taught me. This is a game changer! - Erica

I really enjoyed my session with Alicia! She broke down everything in simpler terms and even shared with me what stocks she was currently looking at to help me start. She checked on me during the week and reminded me when the market was open. She was very helpful all around and I will definitely meet with her again. I really liked her teaching style. I wasn't rushed and felt okay to ask deeper questions to understand. - Darian 

Disclaimer: This information is solely for educational purposes. No investment advice or recommendations are made in this workshop. Always contact your financial advisor for investment advice exclusive to your situation.

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How to Buy and Sell Stocks: A Beginner's Guide to Invest in the Stock Market --

11 ratings